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Data erasure

Your sensitive company data contains information you do not want to end up in other people's hands.


Many studies have shown how underestimated data erasure is time and time again, also how a "Format C principle" erasure is not enough.


CBA uses leading data erasure software worldwide, e.g. Blancco.


Thanks to the reporting, which is definable in all details, it is possible to satisfy all legal standards and official or company-internal guidelines, such as e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 15408, PCIDSS, HIPAA and SOX.


You can decide which standard to use for the erasure and how often you wish to do the erasure. You can choose a simple data erasure to 99x per data medium.


You will also receive an certificate of each erasure - as you would expect- containing all the relevant information, including:


Faulty data storage devices are sent to a certified recycling centre. Here these devices are shredded mechanically.


Our employees have to sign data confidentiality agreements and have faultless credentials.


This ensures complete documentation satisfying all relevant, legal provisions and both parties meet their statutory duty of care.




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